Who can I call to fix my payphone or install a new one?

If a payphone is functional but vandalized or somehow not working properly you can try dialing 611 from that phone. 611 is a 3-digit code reserved for payphone repair, but not all payphones are programmed to recognize it as such. If it works then dialing 611 is a free call.

If the phone is not working at all then there should be a placard on the phone containing contact information for the owner of the phone. If that information is not present then you may be out of luck, as this probably indicates the payphone company which owned the phone has gone out of business and abandoned the phone (although see the next paragraph for a possible company to contact).

If you want a payphone installed at your place of business, or if you need a non-working payphone repaired, you might start by contacting PTS (Pacific Telemanagement Services), the country’s leading payphone service provider. PTS also goes by the name of Jaroth, Inc. The Payphone Project web site has no affiliation with PTS, and this reference is not meant as a recommendation or endorsement.

If PTS does not do business in your area then you might try contacting companies listed on the FCC’s listing of payphone service providers currently in business in your state.

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