Frequently Asked Questions At The Payphone Project

This is an ongoing collection of questions about payphones that are most frequently asked at The Payphone Project web site. These questions usually come via e-mail, but I also keep an eye on what search queries send people here to get an idea of what people are looking for. Not all of these questions are actually “frequently asked” but are included in the spirit of providing basic information about the world of public telephones today.

This site is not intended as an authoritative FAQ document for the payphone industry. For a broader FAQ about the world of public telephones in the United States please visit the American Public Communications Council.

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Top Questions

I dialed a toll-free number from a payphone and was instructed to deposit 50¢. Why?

By law toll-free numbers dialed from payphones are, as their name suggests, supposed to be free for the person...

Is it possible to send text messages from a payphone?

Bell Canada equips a portion of its payphones with QWERTY keyboards that are used to send SMS text messages: Bell...

Why do I hear a FAX signal when I call a payphone?

Most payphones these days are programmed to reject incoming calls. When this is the case any attempt to call the...

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